How do i find the price of my home?
  • Megan Fields (Cornelius, NC) February 2012
    I'm about to put my home on the market. What factors should I consider when determining the selling price?  
  • cmitchellCasey Mitchell (Hershey, PA) February 2012

    When determining the listing price of your home these are the ten factors that have influence on the value:
    1. Interest rates 2. Supply and demand 3. Economy 4. Location 5. Condition 6. Timing 7.Size 8.Amenities 9. Terms 10. Attitude to sell

    You can ask a local real estate agent to perform a market analysis of your property based on recent comparable sales in your neighborhood.
    And it's free!!!

  • cmitchell is so right!
  • chrischenChris Chen (Dallas, TX) March 2012
    Thumbs up cmitchell. Definetly 3 & 4. Especially local market conditions which can tell a home buyer or seller if the market is trending up or down.

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