Public records on a house for rent
  • how can I get access to public records on a house for rent if someone has died or been murdered in the residence?

  • cmitchellCasey Mitchell (Hershey, PA) February 2012
    Ask around to the neighbors who have been living in the area long enough to have any information. You may also ask at the local police station or call the person who rented it to you and ask. A simple question may provide you with the answers you are looking for.
  • Google it! A murder is public records. All people die -- so if that is an old residence, go figure. But if that really bis your thing -- get the town card of the property (town hall) and google all the names you find who lived in it.
  • Thanks cmitchell & TessBrannagan!
    I had asked a local store owner and sure enough a retired police officer from town who was in line behind me gave me so much history on the area I couldn't believe it.

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