Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Navy Multicolor BB6167
  • Mayne (Newyork, ny) August 2018
    In the network there were more leaks associated with the next versions of Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Grey Two.
    This time they relate to the version that is visible in the Static
    color scheme.From a longer distance, the shoe looks like the other
    previous releases, but if you look at them you will notice a lot of
    differences. I would be tempted by the name V3, but earlier these leaks
    and photos appeared, so I'm a little lost in this matter.It's hard not
    to notice that adidas is not indifferent to current trends and tries to
    release things with the times. From the fashion point of view, they are
    the most pleasant editions, because it is known that OG sneakerheads are
    difficult to impress with this type of releases. Personally, the
    "socks" are not so crazy because a few such models have - but these SS2G
    are really cool.
    So we have Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Navy Multicolor
    weave in a whole new way, it comes with different patterns and
    directions of weaving yarn and its two shades: gray and white. As if
    that was not enough in the place where we had previously a colored
    streak with the inscription SPLY-350 now appears transparent or see
    through the mesh. As for the sole, it seems that it will be similar to
    the previous ones.The Consortium adidas division has again prepared
    special editions for us under the slogan Workshop Pack. As a reminder,
    at the beginning of the year, we had three issues, where it was Crazy 1 A
    // D, Crazy 8 A // D and Twinstrike A // D. This time adidas prepared
    two models - Falcon and SS2G - but again there were many changes.
    Falcon is a cross-country race from the late '90s, this year a model in the style of these Adidas Sobakov White Gum
    shoes came out under this name, now we have a version combining the old
    with the new or elements of old design with uppers and socks. SS2G is
    of course a reference to the Superstars - and their updated version for
    the basket. Now adidas has prepared them for the next installment,
    mixing the panels on the upper even more firmly. Undoubtedly, the
    edition that is supposed to be part of the "dad shoes" trend.

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