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  • mmogonba2017 (New York, a) June 8

    What happens at level 65 is solely due to the game layout. I do not mind
    grinding, I liked to play Black Desert Online - I only want to state that. But
    as soon as you get to the maximum level, you have to improve your gear to
    interact effectively with the guild.One is missing largely the necessary change
    in the game. Well, that could be got with dungeons, however you must collect the
    equipment expertise, so that the attempt to update is worthwhile.


    Having previously got a new item that produced +9, you can be pleased if you
    have enough money and expertise to boost the main armor to 1 degree every day, I
    do not even want to start from jewelery.This issue wasn't taken into
    consideration when changing TERA and the leveling system. It could be a little
    bit milder, so maybe from day 55 you'll need a day to understand what I'm going
    to be 60 or 58 so that you can equip another thing degree.


    But since you can perform 40 to 65 in 1 day, and without much ado, it gets a
    little cold as soon as you reach the most level - a major shortcoming in the
    design of the Playflow.TERA is now availableThis videogame provides us a lot of
    actions, in a massive world with many personalization possibilities for our
    hero.Well, as TERA players will know, the developer studio RSGOLDFAST  hasn't yet provided
    access into the PvP area named Corsair's Stronghold that has been available for
    a while on PC.


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