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    In TERA, players master their destiny in a richly detailed game Maplestory 2 Mesos  world using a
    pioneering dynamic combat system. Individual participant actions can alter the
    balance of energy on the planet where old rivalries are erased, and disparate
    races have to form a coMMOgon federation to stave off destruction by marauding
    monsters and warrior gods.


    You become a part of the realm of Arborea, made from the Ancient Gods. You
    shield your race into a dream world where your founders, descendents of the
    Ancient Gods, have warred upon each other generations ago. Join forces and
    eventually become a part of a huge world in constant conflict, where fresh
    conflicts and weaponry skills will leave you grasping for more as you become
    immersed in the realm of Arborea.


    Take control and become the hero the world expects! With a character type to
    match nearly every play style and countless customization choices, TERA provides
    every participant a gameplay experience that is uniquely their own. Quest solo,
    bring your friends, or make new ones...the entire world of TERA awaits.
    Tera:"Attack on Titan" crossover event starts


    First there were rumors, then the official affirmation: In just under a week
    starts in Tera actually a crossover event for Attack on Titan. Fans of the manga
    series and the anime will find exceptional costumes and items at the"Strike the
    Titan" design for nearly a couple of weeks in the Tera-Store of this PC version.
    A first look at the clothing you can of course throw in the message.


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