• Robert Blair (weehewken, NJ) May 2018
    adidas Ultra Boost,After releasing a relatively tonal pair that featured light green accents on the inner liner, toe and outsole last year, the Japanese label has created a completely different Ultra Boost for 2016. This latest version takes on a black upper that has been splashed with grey polka dots all throughout. The rest of the shoe has also been hit with color as green covers the side panel cages and inner liner, and purple and blue land on the heel counter. Along with the Ultra Boost we’ll also be seeing an apparel collection that will be priced for as much as $755 for the outerwear. The sneakers will retail for $175.You can expect this Kolor x adidas Ultra Boost to release some time.

    Following the release of the adidas Ultra Boost “Color Pack” that included three adidas Ultra Boost releases all with colored Boost midsoles.Today, we share a video from Feature, who give you a short video tutorial on how you can achieve the Blackout look with only a couple of items.During the 5-hour drive east into Tena while wearing ultra boost, I watched through the window as the vegetation slowly evolved from green farm-spotted hills to dense, mossy, wet jungle. We stayed as groups in separate cabanas and the rooms were impressively clean, although when walking in-between the houses you would see wild monkeys which were bold enough to stroll into the lobby scratching their fleas. Our group scheduled a cave-exploring experience and I was not prepared for what was ahead of me! I'm very glad I opted to rent the galoshes for $1, as before I knew it, I was up to my chest in a rushing underground river with nothing but an old rope to pull myself across with!

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