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  • mmogonba2017 (New York, a) April 2018

    It says the "Laboratory of the Moscow Lath of Activity for NBA 2K19 MT Identification for
    Prohibited Substances in Abecedarian Samples" is controlled by the Moscow
    city-limits government and operates in an automated beyond about 10 kilometers
    (6 miles) from the city-limits center.It says this class "could be acclimated as
    a aboriginal footfall to analyze analysis samples of Russian athletes who
    acquire apprehensive or absolute urine samples" and that "pre-screened samples
    that were not absolute could afresh be beatific to the accustomed laboratory,"
    aswell in Moscow.


    It says the Russian anti-doping bureau and Russian claiming alliance acquire
    to apperceive about the lab, advertence "it is not aboveboard to believe" that
    they didn't.___3:10 p.m.The WADA bureau wants the bureau to band accreditation
    from the Moscow class and blaze lab abettor Grigory Rodchenkov.The abode says
    the "Moscow class is clumsy to act independently," citation arrest from
    government agencies, including the FSB abstruse service.


    The abode says Rodchenkov is "an aider and abettor of the doping activities"
    and "at the affection of the absolute biologic analysis cover-up."Rodchenkov was
    key to "the cabal to bribery money from athletes in adjustment to awning up
    absolute doping analysis results."In one case, he was paid alongside by an
    athlete, who angry whistleblower, to adumbrate a bootless doping test. The
    banknote bagman was "a accustomed performance-enhancing substances


    Under Rodchenkov's leadership, "many tests that the class has conducted
    should be brash awful suspect."The Moscow lab oversaw testing for the 2014 Sochi
    Olympics and is due to plan on FIFA's anti-doping diplomacy for the 2018 Apple
    Cup.___3:07 p.m.The WADA abode says Moscow testing class abettor Grigory
    Rodchenkov ordered 1,417 doping ascendancy samples destroyed to abjure
    affirmation for the inquiry.


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