• Robert Blair (weehewken, NJ) April 2018
     Also called the "we simply made them restricted therefore resellers will make them until you perform."Whenever these first published in 1997 you loved them or hated them and that I adored them.  More so I adored the giant full size observable Air Max unit which conducted round the midsole.  Though the Air Max utilized this isn't anything like what they had to place on Swoosh collapses, they still seem like the exact same shoe that means I'd love to catch a set if at all possible.The reflective upper stays intact along with the subtle strikes of reddish were constantly attractive (for me).  It has not been long since the last Air Max ’97 Retro, however these were not restricted and they ended up in discount stores all across the States.  Doubtful that will happen this time round.Have a look at a formal appearance at the most recent rendition of this Nike mens Air Max 97 OG Retro under and inform us whether you anticipate setting up a set as soon as they release.

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