Roll Forming Aluminum for Reducing the Weight
  • kk span machine (yingkou, LN) April 2018

    With the improvement of living standards and more attention paid to the
    environment problem, various Forming Machine equipments and environmentally friendly
    building materials are used now. The metal sandwich composite panel from yingkou
    is a new combination of building materials, which has the good properties of
    thermal insulation and fire protection. The outer layer is 0.5mm thick imported
    color steel slab and the thickness of the core material are 50 and 100ram
    respectively. Sandwich structures have been used in aerospace applications for
    more than 50 years due to their high stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight
    ratios. Recently, with the development of civil ships and naval vessels in high
    speed and lightweight direction, new attention is focusing on using of sandwich
    structures in marine applications. Reduction of vibration and acoustic noise of
    marine structures is an important issue to designers. So it's very crucial to
    study sandwich structures' characteristics.

    he stressed skin diaphragms is a structural system that consider profiled
    sheet of roof and metope working with framework and purling. With widely
    applying of profiled sheet, it is not only reflect the working of structure but
    also obtain benefit that considering the ability resistance to shear of profiled
    sheet in the plane itself. On the base of studying the experiment method and
    research progeny of the stressed skin diaphragms, connection performance and
    shear behavior of stressed skin diaphragms. concerned with the load-carrying
    capacity of circular sandwich panels subjected to central quasi-static loading.
    The panel consists of two metallic face-sheets and a core made from metallic
    foam, and is fully clamped at the edges. The analysis is based on a newly
    developed yield criterion for the sandwich cross section. The large deflection
    response is estimated by assuming a velocity field, which is defined according
    to the initial deformation mode of flat panel and the boundary condition.

    As a result of analysis of the technical difficulties of cold roll forming
    machine and the requirements of a collaborative design system for cold
    roll-forming, the physical four-tier structure of the cold roll-forming system
    is proposed. And then the architecture of a multi-agent based collaborative
    design system is introduced, with defining all the agents of the architecture in
    detail. Agents communicate with each other using XML technology.
    Baswww.lw20.comed on it, a prototype system using JavaEE environment is

    Customers and designers can access the system by internet, customers input
    product parameters, designers design the roll, and simulation program simulate
    the design parameters to decide whether the parameters is reasonable and send
    feedback message to designers. All data are stored in database to carry out data
    mining and to provide intelligent support. A case study is given at the end of
    this paper to validate the course of using this multi-agent system.

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